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The New IBX Manicure

I was doing some research on natural nail treatments because I have a few clients who don't want to wear gel polish anymore. They feel that the gel polish is making their nails peel and break. I would agree that this happens on some clients but not on all of them.

During my research, I stumbled upon the IBX nail treatment on Facebook. I was intrigued by the simplicity of the application and the before and after pictures. So, I decided to give it try. I had removed hard gels from my nails which left them weak and peeling. The first thing I noticed after the application was that my nails looked moisturized. Any white spots had filled in. I did another treatment two weeks later, and my nails looked moisturized and they stopped peeling. After the third treatment, I really noticed that my nails felt stronger.

I was sold on the product. I decided to offer it to my clients that needed some help with their nails. That's where my client Kate comes in. Her nails were in awful shape from a gel manicure that she had received from another nail tech. Below, you can see her nails before treatment 1.

Before IBX

Before IBX

The image below is after Kate's 3rd treatment. The picture speaks for itself. All her white spots are filled in and her peeling has subsided significantly. She says her nails feel stronger. We don't plan on stopping now. We plan on doing this treatment at every manicure appointment.

After treatment 3

The application of IBX is simple. Apply the product, use gentle heat for a few minutes followed by curing under a LED lamp. The treatment is invisible and is not removed. It works better with regular use.

I highly recommend this nail treatment for those have damaged nails from wearing artificial nails or gel polish. It definenitely works for those with natrually brittle and peeling nails also.

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